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dismissing employee fairly

Dismissing fairly for poor performance

Identifying the reason for dismissal The employer must establish the reason or principal for dismissal in any unfair dismissal claim ...
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Tips For Employers on How to Properly Handle Employee Dismissal

Handling the dismissal of an employee is never easy. Up to 60% of HR managers have seen conflicts at work ...
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City Landscape Lawyers

How to Find The Best Employment Lawyer: 7 Things To Look For

Many think of employment cases as disgruntled employees taking on their employers in a court of law. What, however, if ...
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When Can You as an Employer Withhold Pay? Advice from a Nottingham Employment Solicitor

Can an Employer Withhold Pay? A Nottingham Solicitor Advises When you employ people in your business, there's a clear understanding ...
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The Redundancy Process: How to Arrange Fair Selection Pools

The Redundancy Process: How to Arrange Fair Selection Pools During the redundancy process selection pools are often required to ensure ...
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How to Settle a Case Out of Court: Tips for Businesses

How to Settle a Case Out of Court: Tips for Businesses You never know when you might need assistance with ...
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