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DISCRIMINATION: Maternity pay -v- shared parental pay

An employer did not discriminate by enhancing maternity pay, but failing to enhance shared parental pay. The Court of Appeal decided that: employers that pay enhanced maternity pay but only statutory shared parental pay do not directly or indirectly discriminate against men and are not in breach of equality of terms (equal pay) legislation. This […]

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Dismissing fairly for poor performance

Identifying the reason for dismissal The employer must establish the reason or principal for dismissal in any unfair dismissal claim. Lack of clear evidence of poor performance is therefore likely to prevent the employer from successfully asserting “capability” as a reason for dismissal. Does the employer have a reasonable belief in the employee’s incompetence? The […]

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Tips For Employers on How to Properly Handle Employee Dismissal

Handling the dismissal of an employee is never easy. Up to 60% of HR managers have seen conflicts at work spill over into violence, and even if the employee you’re letting go isn’t likely to fly off the handle, it’s never pleasant to have to tell someone they have lost their job. Unfortunately, it is […]

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How to Find The Best Employment Lawyer: 7 Things To Look For

Many think of employment cases as disgruntled employees taking on their employers in a court of law. What, however, if it’s the employee that doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain? As an employer, you have the right to seek legal advice to get the compensation you deserve. You may find that your employee […]

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When Can You as an Employer Withhold Pay?

Can an Employer Withhold Pay? A Nottingham Solicitor Advises When you employ people in your business, there’s a clear understanding that you will remunerate them in exchange for work done. The question is, can an employer withhold pay when their employees don’t stick to their end of the arrangement? Find out about your rights as […]

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The Redundancy Process: How to Arrange Fair Selection Pools

The Redundancy Process: How to Arrange Fair Selection Pools During the redundancy process selection pools are often required to ensure things remain fair and legally above board. Where there is only one person performing a role and that role is redundant, a selection pool is not generally necessary. However, you should consider a pool if […]

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How to Settle a Case Out of Court: Tips for Businesses

How to Settle a Case Out of Court: Tips for Businesses You never know when you might need assistance with Employment Tribunal litigation. In fact, 90% of businesses are involved in some form of litigation at any given time. Commercially, you shouldn’t necessarily be thinking about how to win a case if it goes to […]

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Associative Discrimination By Way Of Victimisation

The EAT has considered a claim of victimisation based on protected acts performed by a third party. It decided the tribunal was legally incorrect to conduct an assessment of the degree of connection or association between the individual and the third party. The proper test was whether the employer subjected the claimant to a detriment by reason of the […]

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Unfair Dismissal – Parity Of Treatment

Two employees (Jones & Battersby) attended a corporate social event, being fully aware of their employer’s accepted standards of conduct and behaviour. After they both consumed alcohol, Mr Jones punched Mr Battersby in the face. Mr Battersby subsequently texted Mr Jones more than once threatening, amongst other things, to “rip [his] f***ing head off”. These threats were not actively pursued by […]

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Causality And Discrimination Arising From Disability

In Risby v London Borough of Waltham Forest,  the EAT decided there only needs to be a loose connection between an employee’s conduct and their disability for a discrimination arising from disability claim to be made out. Mr Risby’s employer (LBWF) dismissed him for misconduct after he lost his temper when he discovered LBWF had decided to move a course […]

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Indirect Religious Belief Discrimination

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION: A Christian employee, believing her marriage vow is sacrosanct, was put at a ‘particular disadvantage’ for the purposes of an indirect discrimination claim when given a “choice” to leave her husband (who was convicted of sexual offences relating to children) or be dismissed. She stayed with her husband and her employer, a school, […]

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Holiday Pay

Bear Scotland (No2): Confirmation that a series of deductions is broken by gaps of three months or more We have received confirmation that a three-month gap or more breaks the series of deductions. This limits the scope to make retrospective claims for underpaid holiday pay under the unlawful deduction from wages jurisdiction. The EAT effectively […]

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