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Respondent (Employer) – Estimate of costs

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(for defending a simple unfair dismissal claim or wrongful dismissal claim)

X -v- XYZ Limited

The prices below indicate how much you will have to pay for each stage of the litigation (and are capped, unless the matter is overly complex or becomes protracted)

Services not included within the above quote

  • A barrister to represent you at the final hearing which costs approximately £1,000-£1,250 per day plus VAT. We collect the fee from you and pay it on your behalf.
  • Any additional witness statements
  • Fees (both for Centurion and a barrister) for any appeal against the Tribunal’s decision or for any separate hearing to determine remedy (usually compensation)
  • Defending any other claims, such as automatic unfair dismissal, discrimination or whistleblowing, which are more complicated and quoted for separately and on demand
  • We have also assumed a two or three-day hearing. For more complex hearings, our fees may be more.

Service provision

Representation by Roscoe Fernandes (Principal Solicitor at Centurion Legal) with over 14 years’ experience of handling Employment Tribunal claims for both Claimants and Respondents on a local and national basis. His hourly rate is £175 per hour plus VAT.


The Tribunal aims to decide the case within 28 weeks of serving it upon you. However, this may vary according to the Tribunal’s calendar/availability and the complexity of the Claimant’s case.